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Featuring an array of succulent surf and turf delights, including our famous red shrimp. Or, for a night you’ll never forget, join us for a five-course dinner cruise on our paddleboat the Yellowstone.
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Did you know …

  • River Rendezview was established as an ‘umbrella’ name when we added the Bed & Breakfast, the Party Barn Event Center and River Grace Chapel?
  • Dido’s Restaurant was established in 1982 & is one of the oldest Mom & Pop restaurants in Brazoria County?
  • Dido in Croatia means Grandpa & is pronounced dee-doo?
  • The original YELLOWSTONE PADDLEBOAT was the most historic boat in Texas history?
  • The San Bernard River is spring fed & is one of only three rivers west of the Mississippi that flows directly into the Gulf of Mexico?
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If you're in search of a dining experience that will forever change the way you see eating out at a restaurant, look no further than Dido's Seafood in Brazoria.